Sports Day 

Every year at my school we have sports day and I’m in living stone I’m like the best a hurdles to trying to brag but yeah,I love sports day well doesn’t everyone ?? Well I know I do 

Did you ever have sports day and your school or if your like me you already have a sports day I would love to hear it.



Sports Day

Hi everyone I’m so sorry this post is late but yeah anyway as I was typing I came 4th in the 400 meters out of five people which is not good but whatever, so I have a good time at sports day it was fun and I loved competing with the other people in my school of 400 and.……something (I don’t have the exact number sorry) is yeah I had a great time on sports day.

Did you ever do a race but not feel proud of your self I would like to here it.


First drive

finaly I’m in my mums new Ibiza seat oolala I’m so happy and you know how new stuff smells NEW well that is how my mums new car smells nice and new 

Has your parents had a new car before I would like to hear it I really would.


Happy car 

You know that feeling when your parents get a new washing machine or a new bed for you and your super excited well yeah I feel the same way you people do,my mum got a new car no big deal but it wouldn’t of happened if my DAD hadn’t driven it on Saturday night !! A young lady was driving behind m dad and was looking at her sat nave seriously woman, she bashed into the back of my dad and um well now the boot doesn’t open any more so we had so scrap it 😭😭😭 but any way I have my new car well my mums new car.✌🏻️✌🏻

Comment has this ever happened to you before I would like to hear it.



Having joy is everything I think in life you should focus on….the more important things in life instead of all the neagative things in life you can always make a difference if you try.You are the only one who can change your life know one else but you so just try to focus on the more positive things it will help you a lot. 

Comment what you think 


Have u ever out grown a friend ???

Have you all ever OUT GROWN a friend? Well I have I have out grown one of my closest friends and I really want to just be ok with her,I don’t want to be her enemy or anything I just want to be OK with her,you know what I mean right??
Comment what you think I should do.

Bye DANISTAR11 ✌🏻️